Wedding Invitation Suites

Ah, wedding invitation suites. They are the crème de la crème of stationery. Just like we did in our Save the Date post, we want to help you figure out what suites consists of and what you need to do to get these beauties in the hands of your guests.

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How I Chose My Wedding Dress (and The Ups and Downs with it Prior, Present and Post Wedding)

My second post is all about how I chose my wedding dress. For many bride-to-be’s, this is actually a pretty challenging task. We focus so much on the decorations and the theme and color palette (food, guest experience, bridal party, it never ends!), that we tend to forget about ourselves. Here’s to the ladies that need a little me-time. So grab a glass of wine, cozy up on your comfy couch, and read my story to remind you that you should and will feel beautiful on your special day.

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Wedding Save The Dates


I am so excited to publish my very first blog post! I had a difficult time deciding on the topic, as I wanted to share a lot with my readers. These ideas included meeting the man of my dreams, my weight gain/loss, self-love, wedding planning, and yup, the list goes on and on. The past few months ultimately decided what I was going to write about: Save the Dates. There have been a ton of engagements, including some family and friends. Of course, I’ve offered my calligraphy services and the questions they’ve asked include, “Can you help us with Save the Dates? Are they different from Wedding Invitations? When do I need to send them?” So, here goes nothin’!!! I wrote my little calligraphy heart out to cater to all of the sweet and newly engaged couples out there! Read on for a step-by-step mini guide on Save the Dates - from collecting mailing addresses to delivering the final product in the hands of your guests. Cheers!

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