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Cheers to myself for finally writing my first post. These past couple of years, I’ve weaved between calligraphy, cards, stationery, and wedding planning. Now that our wedding celebrations are past us, I am in full force with my calligraphy and design journey once again! I’ve been wanting to write about my experiences so far, in both a personal and professional light so I’m glad I finally get to share!

First and foremost, do not be intimidated by how long this post is. It’s mainly because I like to write. ;)

A Mini Guide to Save The Dates

Congratulations! You’re getting married and you signed up for The Knot (MAJOR help on wedding planning - check their site out, sign up and see their intricate and simply perfect wedding timeline/checklist). Now, you want to look into wedding invites because, let’s face it, that’s the fun part! Okay, cake tasting is the most fun, but invites are up there too! :D

Below is a step-by-step mini guide on Save the Dates and how to get them in the hands of your guests.

1. Collect your guests’ mailing addresses

PLEASE NOTE: Collecting guests’ mailing addresses does not have to be the first thing you do on this list, but it does take time and starting earlier than later never hurts! In fact, I highly recommend to get 75% of this finished before even thinking about hiring a Calligrapher. The reason is, one of the first questions we will ask is how many invites you’ll want to create, and this in part determines your quote. The quote can always be adjusted, but an estimate is still needed.

Back to this step - collecting mailing addresses was by far my least favorite part of the wedding planning process! AGH. Although it’s nice to reach out to your family members you may have not spoken to in a while, it can get tedious. Just know that once you’ve got them all, you can give yourself a pat on the back since that may be one of the bigger challenges of planning your wedding!

2. Learn the lingo - what’s the difference between save the dates and wedding invitation suites?

Now, let’s talk about the two main invites: Save the Dates and Wedding Invitation Suites!

Save the Dates are just that - to let guests save your date on their calendar! They don't have to RSVP just yet since it's normally several months in advance but it usually helps so they don't plan a vacation that same weekend. I suggest sending out your Save the Dates at least six months in advance, which means hiring your Calligrapher and/or Letterpress Studio a couple of months prior (I go into more detail on the next step). If it’s a destination wedding then you probably want to send it out sooner.

Save the Dates consist mainly of the following:

  • Your names

  • Wedding Date

  • Location

  • Wedding Website + Password (if necessary) - I offer services on this as well! See link.

  • Normally a comment like, "Invitation to Follow" is noted

To note, Wedding Invitation Suites come after the Save the Dates and a few months prior to the wedding. They usually consist of the invitation, details card, RSVP card and RSVP envelope. It's basically a more detailed reminder of the festivities coming up. I suggest sending out your Wedding Invitation Suite at least two to three months in advance. Again, if it’s a destination wedding then you probably want to send it out sooner.

The Wedding Invitation Suite consists mainly of the following:

  • The Wedding Invitation card

    • The first line usually states the couple’s parents’ names or simply “Together with Their Families”

    • Wedding details like the Save the Date (your names, date, location)

    • Normally a comment like, “Reception to Follow” is noted

  • The Details card should contain the reception information and can also contain accommodations, transportation information, wedding attire, perhaps a map of where the venue is, etc.

  • RSVP card and RSVP envelope

I will go into more detail of Wedding Invitation Suites in another blog post, but it’s a similar process to the Save the Dates!

3. Lock down your Calligrapher and/or Letterpress Studio

To touch back on my point earlier about hiring your Calligrapher and/or Letterpress Studio a couple months prior to sending out your Save the Dates - It’s so it gives you, your partner, and your designer time to brainstorm what you want your Save the Dates to look like, then have your Save the Dates designed, then get them produced, and finally, ready to be delivered six months before the big day.

Try to lock down your Calligrapher or Letterpress Studio at least eight months before your wedding - This is preferred across the board for Calligraphers and Letterpress Studios, and some even want it earlier than that! The reason is because the process of creating the invitations can be more complex than it looks - What are your wedding colors and theme? Do you want calligraphy on it? A sketch of the location? Floral watercolors? Don’t get overwhelmed though! These are all things to think about, but if you give yourself enough time to research and see your choices then you’ll be prepared!

4. Brainstorm and Finalize Your Design

What Your Wedding Calligrapher/Letterpress Studio Needs is INSPIRATION! I suggest going onto Pinterest and searching "Wedding Save the Dates" to see what pops up. I tell my clients to send me photos of Save the Dates they really like, and not to be afraid to be specific i.e. "I like the colors on this invitation and the alignment of the text on this other one." More conceptual ideas that may not have been done before are also exciting and welcomed!

Think About Your Wedding Palette and Theme. This gets a separate paragraph because it’s so important when creating anything for your special day! Again, Pinterest is a great place to search for what you like, as well as Instagram.

Check in with Your Local Letterpress Studios! I highly recommend to make an appointment to see your local letterpress studio in-person. It helps you do your own research on whether you’d like your cards printed with an emboss, deboss, foil or no foil, card stock, handmade paper, etc. So many options!

For more guidance, you can check my (excessively long but specific) semi-custom order form at the bottom of this link, or my (also quite long) custom order form at this link.

5. Send Out Your Save the Dates

Time to do a happy dance for yourself! Once your Save the Dates have been produced, the last step is stuffing the envelopes, adding the mailing stamp(s), and sending them off. This step is actually pretty fulfilling - grab some buddies (ahem, oh bridal party, where art thou?) and you’ll be done in no time!

That’s it for now! Remember that wedding planning can be tough at times but if you go one-by-one and (semi) stick to your wedding timeline then you’re in good hands. I was actually always one to three months behind my The Knot checklist, but we can get into that on another post!

Was this helpful? Do you have other questions regarding Save the Dates? Let me know your feedback and feel free to comment!



*Above images are of our Garden Spirit Save The Date. See our Semi-Custom Suites here.